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Groggy groove about Tarzan
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Emma Example about Tarzan
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Texts to »Tarzan«

Groggy groove wrote on Apr 30th 2000, 15:02:15 about


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How do you get two Tarzans in the fridge?
You can´t, silly, there is only one Tarzan!

Donnie Pi wrote on May 6th 2001, 07:08:47 about


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Tarzan wasn't a ladies man
He'd just come along and scoop them up under his arm like that
Quick as a cat
In the jungle

Clark Kent
Now there was a real gent
He would not be caught just sitting around in some junglescape
Dumb as an ape
Doing nothing

Superman never made any money
Saving the world from Solomon Grundy
And sometimes I despair the world will never see another man
Like him.

thegirl wrote on Feb 17th 2001, 19:51:14 about


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I really admire the way Disney filled the characters in »Tarzan« with life.

Kaaren Boullosa wrote on May 1st 2000, 20:25:48 about


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Yell for Cheetah the Chimp.

the old pirate wrote on Mar 7th 2001, 02:19:28 about


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In all 42 Tarzan movies, Tarzan never said 'Me Tarzan, you Jane."

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