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Dragan wrote on Mar 29th 2000, 02:28:40 about


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Riding a taxi cab is far too expensive. Riding the bus is cheaper, but you are not allowed to talk to the driver.

trinity wrote on Apr 9th 2000, 01:31:53 about


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My associations with »taxi«
1)Taking a taxi/cab ride in New York is an experience everyone should get. You're never sure if the griver got your destination right. But not because of your pityful english, but because of his unknowledge concerning this language.
2) I don't have a car; and the last buses in my town (in my direction) are going at 20 to midnight.Normally, I would take my bike; but, honestly, the winters are too cold. I don't like the winters because then I have to take a taxicab quite often and that's SO EXPENSIVE!
3) There are two films that I associate with »taxi«: One is » Taxi« (or was it »Taxidriver«) by Luc Besson, which I didn't like. The other one is »Night on Earth«. This one is very interesting. The episode in New York pleases me most...

Ron Kling wrote on Apr 8th 2000, 04:20:04 about


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One fine autumn day in the spring, I was eating an apple in a taxi (and getting sick) when the crazy taxi driver pulled out a bottle of hot sauce and started drinking it. This was in L.A.
It probably would not happen in London or Berlin.

steve wrote on Apr 18th 2000, 17:36:36 about


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on Apr 18th 2000, 02:08:55, Jackson wrote the following about »Taxi«

»I heard recently that the driving a taxi is one of the most dangerous jobs. «

You would be right. I drove a taxi one summer during college and got held up twice. It's an interesting feeling having a gun held to the back of your head.
Bladder control suddenly becomes relatively unimportant.

Robert wrote on Nov 14th 2000, 18:28:00 about


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Dani Davito, Taxi bars (English chocolate) being moved while being talked at. Yellow in New York, Black in London. »The Knowledge«. Tight turning circles. Stupid but knowledgable drivers – like philosophers educated far beyond their capacity for analytical thought (quote from Richard Dawkins in the endnotes of »The Selfish Gene«).

sea-ridge wrote on Apr 12th 2000, 12:03:13 about


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The book say taxi is short for taxi cab which is short for taximeter cab, and the taximeter is an automatic contrivance fitted to the cab to indicate to the passenger the distance travelled and the amount of fare due.
Just now it came to me that I too am fitted with a contrivance that indicates the distance I have travelled and the fare I have paid (with this contrivance, the fare is collected as I go) and it is me, my own body, myself. I am the driver, the passenger, the taxi and the contrivance all in one.

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