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PhiliX about Zeitgeist

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carlo about Zeitgeist

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lowin about Zeitgeist

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whatevernext96 wrote on Jan 8th 2002, 16:57:54 about


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Why is it that – just as I think I may be reading something important on this Blaster – the spelling goes all haywire, apostrophes shoot off into space and the sentence ends up meaning nothing at all. Is sporadic illiteracy part of the zeitgeist – or is there a poltergeist at work?

Nick wrote on Jun 14th 2001, 01:58:09 about


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Elusive but definable idea behind a contemporary mindset.

le merle blanc wrote on May 19th 2000, 22:11:52 about


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Zeitgeist – the spirit of the age. In our modern day global commercialism has proven most effective in transforming this wine into water.

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