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pixlfuxa about ankles
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BobinBoston about ankles
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on Jan 22nd 2004, 03:30:12 wrote
hardy about ankles

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Groschen wrote on Aug 9th 2001, 11:50:39 about


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His warm hands closed around my ankles.

Mazzy wrote on Dec 15th 2000, 15:05:34 about


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If ankles is not at hand then congratulations your body is configured to conform to conventional expectations but your grip on grammar has slipped a tad.

BobinBoston wrote on Oct 25th 2004, 04:45:22 about


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Curt Schilling pitched six innings and allowed only one run tonight in Game 2 of the World Series – with a displaced tendon in his right ankle!

That's dedication through pain!!!


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