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poetin (ohne talent) about sunshine

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quart about sunshine

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domandologo about sunshine

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Babylon 69 wrote on Apr 15th 2000, 20:31:00 about


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The sun is the source of life, quite literally. As long as humankind endures, the sun will represent this (duality?). But what about the auroura borealis? It is ephemeral, fringe. Not a core thing at all. When mankind is in its last age it will look to the borealis, not to the sun.
Who can explain the aurora borealis?

darwin wrote on Mar 15th 2006, 21:45:41 about


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we'll sing in the sunshine
we'll laugh every day

Josef wrote on May 7th 2000, 18:31:20 about


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Regardless of the moon's power over the tides, and menstrual cycles, and countless forms of magic- the moon that we see is really just reflected sunshine. The sun is the center of our universe... so far.

steve wrote on Apr 17th 2000, 21:51:18 about


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My parents almost named me Sunshine, but
my granparents threw a fit. Good for them.
(my grandparents, that is.)

nancykam wrote on Apr 14th 2000, 17:08:15 about


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The sun – initially loving, ultimately cruel, it nourishes then destroys everything it touches.

yrname wrote on Jan 24th 2001, 11:52:45 about


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you are the sunshine of my life
my bright light on a cloudy day

Field Marshall Stack wrote on Apr 18th 2000, 18:14:16 about


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Bah! You think the sun's putting out all that radiation just so people near the poles can see pretty pictures in the atmosphere? Look, you get yourself enough foil and you launch it into space and you attach a capsule to it and you've got a ship to sail to alpha centauri.

juka wrote on Dec 11th 2001, 15:56:11 about


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the sun cannot be deleted, said form z,
guess the same with the sunshine

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