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lizzy about breast
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perv about breast
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david about breast

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sdsd about breast

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Emma Example about breast

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the old pirate wrote on Mar 4th 2001, 20:17:08 about


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Breast cancer statistics are often misunderstood, not because of the severity of the disease, but because so many people (including news reporters)
don't understand statistics.

suzi wrote on Oct 19th 2001, 06:54:46 about


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boobs: pointless round flubs of fat that control our universe. I could live without them.

whatevernext96 wrote on Sep 28th 2001, 17:55:11 about


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Why are we so matter-of-fact and medically obsessive (cancer etc) about breasts these days? As one who developed very well-formed specimens rather late in life, I can't help wondering where all the poetry and admiration has gone....

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