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elfboi about cannabis
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kiki about cannabis
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on Jan 29th 2007, 18:20:53 wrote
katlyn about cannabis

on Jan 29th 2007, 18:21:24 wrote
kiki about cannabis

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elfboi wrote on Mar 21st 2003, 10:06:00 about


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Oh Cannabis
Our homegrown native plant
True chronic love
In all our sons urine
With glowing eyes we see it rise
The true stalk strong and free!
From far and wide
Oh Cannabis, we’ll grow our own for free.
God keep our plants free from any seeds,
Oh Cannabis, we’ll grow our own for free.
Oh Cannabis, we’ll grow our own for free.

Das Gift wrote on Mar 26th 2003, 21:51:26 about


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Oh you my princess of doom,
Trained to bless these bloody wounds with your kiss,
You know me as no one knows me and more ... lead it to its final destination, but
First things first and so you come at me,
more the slut at every time and I am your addicted sacrified client.

Shame on me and shame on you ... but therefore I am also pimping you.

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