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Joan wrote on Feb 7th 2005, 05:58:01 about


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Credit is not only very useful but also necessary in modern life. Very few people can pay cash for a car – let alone a house!

Credit can be very seductive, however, and be a source of trouble and despair. It is all too easy to use a credit car to buy too many meals at restaurants or too many clothes or electronics.

You might say that credit is like fire that both warms and burns or a sword that cuts both ways.

Manage your credit wisely. Pay your bills on time and don't over-extend yourself. Then you will continue to have a favorable credit rating and be able to obtain credit when you really need it.

rkcba wrote on Nov 16th 2003, 20:11:08 about


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Credit is what enables people
to spend money they haven't earned,
to buy things they don't need,
to impress people they dont like.

rkcba wrote on Nov 16th 2003, 20:05:00 about


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When a man cannot get credit it's because he is not known – or becaus he is.

rkcba wrote on Nov 16th 2003, 20:13:41 about


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A credit plan is a financial device
to help the neighbours keep up with the Joneses,
and the Joneses to keep up with themselves.

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