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atoma about dawn
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alex about dawn

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darkblip about dawn

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venkiop about dawn

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rx wrote on May 19th 2004, 14:49:06 about


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Bright and clear, dawn is my favorite time of the day.

whatevernext96 wrote on Nov 30th 2001, 21:33:56 about


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I have a quite wonderful modern Japanese print entitled 'l'aube douce'(the gentle dawn). It is so subtle that, like a real dawn, it changes colour quite rapidly in different lights. Pink to mauve to green to yellow....

C^ari wrote on Apr 8th 2001, 20:40:21 about


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He is a dawn man, eternally re-creating himself as he moves into the blue.

Groschen wrote on Aug 9th 2001, 12:54:57 about


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Some nights, it seems like the dawn will never come.

But it always does.

At least, so far.

davichi wrote on Jul 15th 2001, 19:23:39 about


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Dawn is the most beautiful time of day. It presents us with a clean slate, unmarred, waiting to be written upon with whatever we desire.

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