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glad-to-see-you about face
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kallop about face
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t od about face

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woodyl about face

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schmidt about face

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Jesse wrote on Aug 19th 2001, 00:28:34 about


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Let's face it, that box below is pretty empty if you write nothing down there.

moira wrote on Jul 2nd 2000, 08:41:58 about


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My face was on a milk carton once – I wandered off as a child and they couldn't find me – I am too young to remember how they found me – but eventually they did.

My family doesn't talk about it much.

Maybe I shouldn't be writing this.

But I have now...



Mazzy wrote on May 31st 2000, 15:46:48 about


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Let's just face it, shall we?

George wrote on Mar 28th 2001, 07:06:45 about


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eyes without a face
got no human grace

the old pirate wrote on Mar 12th 2001, 12:26:54 about


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I was so ugly as a child that my mother diapered my face. She took me everywhere just so she wouldn't have to kiss me goodbye. I didn't just get hit with the ugly stick – the whole flippin' tree fell on me from 20,000 feet. I wasn't even allowed to enter the Ugly Man Contest at the state fair. No professionals, they said.

DarkFaerie wrote on Jun 12th 2001, 22:17:42 about


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It's to sense my surroundings, and for people to sense my emotions.
My face is not as beautiful as a models, but you may find a natual beauty in my eyes.

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