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kallop about face

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Jesse wrote on Aug 19th 2001, 00:28:34 about


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Let's face it, that box below is pretty empty if you write nothing down there.

moira wrote on Jul 2nd 2000, 08:41:58 about


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My face was on a milk carton once – I wandered off as a child and they couldn't find me – I am too young to remember how they found me – but eventually they did.

My family doesn't talk about it much.

Maybe I shouldn't be writing this.

But I have now...



the old pirate wrote on Mar 12th 2001, 12:26:54 about


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I was so ugly as a child that my mother diapered my face. She took me everywhere just so she wouldn't have to kiss me goodbye. I didn't just get hit with the ugly stick – the whole flippin' tree fell on me from 20,000 feet. I wasn't even allowed to enter the Ugly Man Contest at the state fair. No professionals, they said.

Orpheus wrote on Apr 7th 2002, 22:47:56 about


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I wear a mask over my face every Sunday and on special occasions. It is a nice mask that is made of holiness and is supposed to make me look like Jesus or something. It is this mask of holiness that hides my real face of malice towards other people. I swear, if I had a gun.... Or maybe a mask of God is good thing. Maybe it was made by God himself to show me how I ought to live. Hmmm, maybe.....

lorien wrote on Apr 15th 2001, 17:38:23 about


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oh no. no no no no no.
do not look at my face.
you see, it was never even there.

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