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mj about foundation
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Pacifist wrote on Aug 13th 2002, 06:38:25 about


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The keyword is the foundation of meaningful associativity. If you wish to be understood, you must choose your keywords carefully. Remember, choosing a keyword is a privilege, and not a right. If you are seeking internal change, then you have come to the right place. Blast away, my friend!

Mazzy wrote on May 19th 2000, 23:34:56 about


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Without any underlying axioms the whole construction is at risk. Yet there is nothing attractive about the prospect of slaving away to build something that will always remain buried beneath the surface.

ken goodwin wrote on Feb 27th 2002, 14:38:28 about


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Love and respect are the foundation of all things.

john wrote on Feb 28th 2002, 08:07:35 about


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the foundation is the most important part of a building, if it is not stable the rest of the building will not be either

mj wrote on Aug 16th 2004, 18:47:45 about


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The ability to understand and relate abstract symbols with ideas is a necessary foundation for language.

Kurt Mccoy wrote on May 5th 2004, 01:42:19 about


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The foundation series, written by Isaac Asimov, has been an inspiratory work which parrallels human imagination. The foundation is a large web of worlds that are ideally the subjects of »psychohistory«, that causality invented by one man, Hari Seldon, and proliferated into the cosmos along with many other conditional situations. The greatest propaganda machine ever invented, the »encyclopedia galactica«, does not appear to have narrative qualities, but it seems to coalesce along the story line in a way which gives the stories an outside influence which makes the series so readable and yet very objective in their scope. The foundation of this series, one might deduce, seems to be the struggle and survivability of the human spirit inside of an unrelenting sea of cuniform defiance.

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