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Tomick II about gay
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gaylord about gay

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Casimiro Sam Nigro about gay

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fartbrain about gay

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Tomick II wrote on Apr 24th 2000, 09:11:14 about


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It's a rather gay atmosphere, don't you think? The party has lasted all night, and my dance is the Bee's Knees. So far, it's the limit. Would you care for a crumpet?

Nils wrote on Jan 14th 2001, 05:30:28 about


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Do you remember the Smurfs?

"No one can ever find a road to our hideaway,
We live there happily and gay..."

Now we know why they don't need more than one Smurfette.

elfboi wrote on Nov 30th 2002, 20:29:57 about


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I cannot understand all those monosexuals – bi is the only way to go!

free xone wrote on Feb 7th 2001, 16:31:19 about


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boy meets boyboy loses boyboy gets cute boy backgirl meets girlgirl loses girlgirl gets cute girl backone ruleno rulesone lovefree xone!
[janet jackson]

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