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Tomick II about gay
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Linda about gay
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Shoko about gay

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Casimiro Sam Nigro about gay

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windoelickee about gay

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Tomick II wrote on Apr 24th 2000, 09:11:14 about


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It's a rather gay atmosphere, don't you think? The party has lasted all night, and my dance is the Bee's Knees. So far, it's the limit. Would you care for a crumpet?

myself wrote on Dec 29th 2003, 02:18:25 about


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Gay used to mean happy. Now it had the connatation of meaning a male homosexual. I believe that homosexuality is pefrectly normal and that love is love. We are created in the devine image of love and thus we are meant to love one another. I beilive that all forms of love are sacred because they are love.

OLLIE wrote on Nov 21st 2001, 00:31:11 about


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gay is happy, gay is me life is gay
people should be nicer to gay people
be more understanding of gay people
love gay people more show them respect
parents should understand their gay
sons & daughters
gay Is great!!!!

steve wrote on Jul 7th 2000, 19:57:19 about


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yes, more than once when i was hanging out with some friends downstairs in our production studios we were all drinking champagne, celebrating and to show the girls a thing or two i kissed my friend, long and deep

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