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Tomick II about gay
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Penno Lawyer about gay
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on Jun 20th 2001, 19:37:55 wrote
Nils the Dark Elf about gay

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windoelickee about gay

on Sep 3rd 2007, 11:51:00 wrote
Suck about gay

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Tomick II wrote on Apr 24th 2000, 09:11:14 about


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It's a rather gay atmosphere, don't you think? The party has lasted all night, and my dance is the Bee's Knees. So far, it's the limit. Would you care for a crumpet?

myself wrote on Dec 29th 2003, 02:18:25 about


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Gay used to mean happy. Now it had the connatation of meaning a male homosexual. I believe that homosexuality is pefrectly normal and that love is love. We are created in the devine image of love and thus we are meant to love one another. I beilive that all forms of love are sacred because they are love.

steve wrote on Jul 7th 2000, 19:57:19 about


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yes, more than once when i was hanging out with some friends downstairs in our production studios we were all drinking champagne, celebrating and to show the girls a thing or two i kissed my friend, long and deep

free xone wrote on Feb 7th 2001, 16:31:19 about


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boy meets boyboy loses boyboy gets cute boy backgirl meets girlgirl loses girlgirl gets cute girl backone ruleno rulesone lovefree xone!
[janet jackson]

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