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Tomick II about gay
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AV about gay
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Arsenik about gay

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WebAmerica about gay

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hey about gay

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Tomick II wrote on Apr 24th 2000, 09:11:14 about


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It's a rather gay atmosphere, don't you think? The party has lasted all night, and my dance is the Bee's Knees. So far, it's the limit. Would you care for a crumpet?

myself wrote on Dec 29th 2003, 02:18:25 about


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Gay used to mean happy. Now it had the connatation of meaning a male homosexual. I believe that homosexuality is pefrectly normal and that love is love. We are created in the devine image of love and thus we are meant to love one another. I beilive that all forms of love are sacred because they are love.

Baschtili wrote on Nov 20th 2002, 14:53:31 about


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I am I gay? Bisexual? Sometimes there is this drive in me to hug guys, show them how I appreciate what they just did for me, no token of love or maybe it is? Where is the boundary? What makes you gay? What defines love? Is love the craving to touch, the mere mutual understanding or isn't it moreover the longing for a person to be there? Is close friendship between two guys is essence love stigmatized by society?

elfboi wrote on Nov 30th 2002, 20:29:57 about


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I cannot understand all those monosexuals – bi is the only way to go!

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