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seventhlevel about goodhearted

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Elaine wrote on Apr 10th 2001, 22:43:36 about


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Goodhearted conversation shared in the flicker of the flames of a roaring fire, impregnated the brief silence with thoughts of romance.

Lori wrote on Apr 19th 2000, 05:50:05 about


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»A goodhearted woman in love with a goodtiming man«

zach wrote on Apr 26th 2000, 06:55:52 about


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a fair night, the goodhearted type. known well for saving of princesses and undoing dragons. by now, only a few years from chasing windmills. though probably innundated with sycophantic chain mail.

daisy wrote on Apr 17th 2001, 02:49:20 about


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goodhearted people often give nice things to others. They give to charity, help animals and old folks, and perform random acts of kindness.

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