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mark wrote on Feb 15th 2005, 16:03:56 about


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Hell happens when we don't work together for peace, when we don't care about others, when we don't understand what suffering there is in this world.

Bellis wrote on Jun 23rd 2002, 01:13:45 about


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Maybe there isnt´t a hell anywhere- but this doesn´t mean everywhere´s heaven!

PikeWake wrote on May 15th 2000, 14:17:10 about


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If hell is where we go to learn
It might as well be here on earth
If heaven is the place we earn
When all our deeds are judged enough
Then should your concrete footsteps stop
To watch this town go down in flames
You'll feel your feet touch grass again
Could be you'll find you're going sane

hanz wrote on Apr 12th 2000, 09:46:07 about


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hell, in theology, any place or state of punishment and privation for human souls after death. more strictly, the term is applied to the place or state of eternal punishment of the damned, whether angels or human beings. the doctrine of the existence of hell is derived from the principle of the necessity for vindication of divine justice, combined with the human experience that evildoers do not always appear to be punished adequately in their lifetime. belief in a hell was widespread in antiquity and is found in most religions of the world today.

daifu wrote on Apr 17th 2000, 17:36:11 about


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hell exists only in your mind, its what you want it to be. find hell and you find yourself, your own fears and lust

Josef wrote on Apr 22nd 2000, 18:30:56 about


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It should be said that before the existance of a devil, or anti-God, the underworld of death was not seen as a negative place. Every God had a part to play in nature, and was vital to humanity's existance. Dualism, Good vs. Evil, has led to Us vs. Them. Who wants to be Them?

Groggy groove wrote on Oct 8th 2000, 10:41:32 about


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A wealthy farmer went to church one Sunday. After services he said to the priest, »Father, that was a damned good sermon you gave, damned good
»I'm happy you liked it,« said the priest. »But I wish you wouldn't use those terms in expressing yourself.«
»I can't help it,« said the rich farmer. »I still think it was a damned good sermon. In fact, I liked it so much I put a hundred dollar bill in the collection basket.«
»The hell you did?!« replied the priest.

aelketta wrote on Jan 14th 2002, 19:29:51 about


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Two hells is one hell too many. If we are already in hell, then we should all go to paradise when we die. If there is a hell after death, then we are supposedly having fun down here. I don't see where the fun part is.

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