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on Feb 17th 2023, 12:25:59 wrote
schmidt about icepick

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also about icepick

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joe about icepick

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davichi wrote on Jul 16th 2001, 21:07:03 about


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Rarely used for it's intended purpose. Now why do you suppose that to be so?

jeff johnston wrote on Jul 16th 2001, 20:48:13 about


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»so,« sighed leon trotsky, »this is the end, is it, Raoul?« His coffee was bitter, but he enjoyed it-- this was the blood and sweat of mexican workers that was drinking, as he was fond of reminding himself. »Ah well. Must get this over with, else that young man won't have any material for his play.«

the silver-tipped bludgeon rose above his head, gleaming in the morning light. Odd, thought trotsky with grim irony, this beautiful image seemed that it had its place with the hammer and sickle of his homeland... doubtless many would soon be assured of its place there.

lilac shrieks wrote on Aug 4th 2001, 04:28:03 about


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Some troubled stranger...she said »I am stuck between ice and snow, what should i do?....about him« so i said »well, you could use an icepick or make snow balls, did you want something literal of figurative?« I then realized she was speaking of some long distance relationship which did not entertain me.

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