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Caravanserail about imagine
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garryshiter about imagine
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Caravanserail wrote on Dec 2nd 2000, 17:24:35 about


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Imagine a railway platform.

The long cars come to a cloudy halt beside it, and the fogged windows offering a view neither to those within nor those without, now, in the crowd – forgive my predilection – is a young woman standing admidst her luggage, exspecting to be met by you, a stranger.

sam&dudley wrote on Nov 16th 2001, 01:29:44 about


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that we should get stuck in the internet the rest of our lives wouldn't that be great?

whatevernext96 wrote on Dec 29th 2001, 18:23:31 about


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I've always found John Lennon's 'Imagine' one of the most depressing songs ever. As though Nietszche suddenly warbled in the bath....

auralchaos wrote on Jan 20th 2002, 05:39:05 about


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Imagine Im a gin. (and tonic if you prefer.)

whatevernext96 wrote on Jan 16th 2002, 17:33:34 about


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Imagine that somewhere in the afterlife John Lennon encountered Christ and was told:»So -you're the one who boasted about being more famous than Jesus...Well, foolish one, I did say that only the meek could inherit the earth – and that applies to Heaven too....«

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