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@@ Emily Aphra @@ about kindergarten
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on Nov 26th 2012, 23:53:34 wrote
vty about kindergarten

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hardy about kindergarten

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christoph about kindergarten

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@@ Emily Aphra @@ wrote on Mar 27th 2001, 07:59:42 about


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What do you remember most about kindergarten? Milk-and-cookies? Nap-time? The crayons?

Or maybe those great big blocks?


citron vert wrote on Apr 5th 2001, 01:12:51 about


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Kindergarten: So much lovelier a term than 'pre-school'...!

rimmer wrote on May 26th 2001, 22:44:12 about


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Kindergarten is one of very few German words that are used in English. Others are Angst and Blitzkrieg.

Loki wrote on May 10th 2001, 20:07:03 about


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The thing I remember the most about Kindergarten is being forced to nap and trying to boss around the other kids.

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