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Ölch & Redlefzen wrote on May 25th 2003, 16:18:58 about


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One morning was Master Pum Penk's pupil Mopp Sing waked up particularly diagonally in his body embodied. »Master Pum Penk, I dreamed to be a fly weighing tons in the empty brain bowl of a child that in a hollow stump lived...« »Hmmm«, suggested Master Penk, which emptied himself just behind bushes in a refreshing manner, »drink tea and become awake and empty

Glutamathor Elch & Thorwald Redlefzen wrote on Dec 26th 2003, 18:29:16 about


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Many years ago master Pum Penk went walking once in the forest. There he heard a loud »Bumm« and then a just as loud »Peng«. After hearing the »Bumm« he knew in present/immediate illuminating that he was gescheppert against a eight hundred-year old oak. The »Peng« was it after the impact of the Buben Mopp Sing on its empty brain bowl sign for the fact that in the top of the tree a branch with loud »Peng« must have separated. Both noises in the Zusammenhange were the master indications that he had found a pupil. Mopp Sing however held himself his hurting, still full brain bowl.

Ölch & Redlefzen wrote on May 25th 2003, 16:19:26 about


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Once master Pum Penk sat on a rainy day meditating at a lake and thought
thus: "this lake is full with water, because it is open upward, so that it
can take up the rain. My brain bowl however is upward closed and therefore

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