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Glutamathor Elch & Thorwald Redlefzen wrote on Dec 26th 2003, 18:34:11 about


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This time it was the master Pum Penk, which was surprised exceedingly. Already on the early morning to wake the master during waking up, it (while its pupil Mopp Sing the hour glass for the sixth time had turned and straight thereby was) a sea gull by-pulling on the sky had shit directly on the third eye. But alone this was not it, which astonished him; herzu moved a loud prustendes dwarfchameleon, which stepped him against his sheenbone. »Well master«, rumbled the Chameleon, »haste a second asshole in the place, your third eye should beMaster Pum Penk on it: »The chair is not from me. He withdrew not from me, but fell down to meThe Chameleon answered: »However not are you that, whose soul is a bird, from above the down-shit came?« Pum Penk said, »However I had not heard thunder.«

Ölch & Redlefzen wrote on May 25th 2003, 16:19:26 about


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Once master Pum Penk sat on a rainy day meditating at a lake and thought
thus: "this lake is full with water, because it is open upward, so that it
can take up the rain. My brain bowl however is upward closed and therefore

Ölch & Redlefzen wrote on May 25th 2003, 16:18:58 about


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One morning was Master Pum Penk's pupil Mopp Sing waked up particularly diagonally in his body embodied. »Master Pum Penk, I dreamed to be a fly weighing tons in the empty brain bowl of a child that in a hollow stump lived...« »Hmmm«, suggested Master Penk, which emptied himself just behind bushes in a refreshing manner, »drink tea and become awake and empty

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