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Dragan wrote on Apr 21st 2000, 12:37:21 about


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I wonder was has happened to the plans to colonize space. Maybe people like the internet better nowadays. They now colonize something abstract. And more people can take part in this movement as the environment is not THAT hostile.

KD wrote on May 23rd 2000, 17:22:43 about


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Frank's new friend Nick dreams of a space station, dreams of being adrift in space, no tether holding him to the earth, no bungee cord, no umbilicus.

Frank likes the earth, though.

Once, this preference was cause for an argument.

^116 wrote on Feb 18th 2001, 11:57:19 about


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How many dimensions are there?

For me, personally, the answer is obvious.



whatevernext96 wrote on Jan 18th 2002, 18:11:36 about


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I had always thought the colour of space must be an uninspiring greyish-white. Now it seems astronomers have proved it is a provocative and vernal green – what are they waiting for out there?

Jeff wrote on May 8th 2000, 07:37:42 about


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This guy who lives in Alaska dreams of building a space colony. There he is, in a cramped cabin just this side of the Arctic Circle, hunched against the cold and dark, and what he wants most of all is the even colder and darker wilderness of space.

ike wrote on Apr 22nd 2000, 05:17:42 about


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space is big and space is dark;
it's hard to find a place to park.

--burma shave

stargazer* wrote on May 16th 2009, 18:09:40 about


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On the space shuttle Atlantis, the third EVA to repair the Hubble space telescope is underway.

COSTAR has been removed and the astronauts are in the process of installing the new Cosmic Origins Spectrograph at this time.

space happy wrote on Mar 31st 2001, 01:02:41 about


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So often it's the spaces that make things interesting.

Take a piece of cloth, for instance, a piece of one color and a flat weave.

The same thread which has been woven into a solid piece could have been crocheted or knitted or tatted into more interesting texture or pattern.

The proper placement of spaces can create a pleasing and engaging complexity.

taj wrote on Aug 14th 2001, 11:32:13 about


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i wonder often in the process of listening just whose lips are speaking in the space between my ears, i hear them quite clearly when perceptions mirror is clear.

jessy wrote on Mar 20th 2001, 20:21:36 about


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the final frontier


or is it just our imagination

pete the spider wrote on Aug 10th 2004, 09:57:12 about


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And I don't like having my space invaded by his music.

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