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adit about more
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Reginald about more
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Carolyn Stewart about more

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Emma Example about more

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Ken Goodwin wrote on Feb 1st 2002, 15:17:47 about


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The more stuff you have the less freedom you have. As one thing increases (more) something else must decrease (less).

Alex wrote on Jul 19th 2000, 02:26:40 about


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I think I would truly be happy if, one day, I did not desire any »more« of anything.

briery wrote on Aug 11th 2004, 05:40:43 about


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More than anything, though, I hoped early in my days on the Road to meet up with the Wrafters.

whatevernext96 wrote on Mar 5th 2002, 21:13:10 about


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So you really think you have more to do? But when does more become quite enough....? Answers to the hammock slung under the trees, please.

Strathis wrote on Oct 2nd 2004, 05:07:31 about


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If you can't get more, settle for less. If you don't like settling for less, scream and shout for more until you're too tired to care anyway.

Danabiz wrote on Feb 12th 2001, 14:59:45 about


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Sky is everythingheaven is more. ;-)

Seamus MacNemi wrote on Jun 12th 2002, 22:01:38 about


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or less
it's anyones guess
are we to go around in this mess
or does this ending
have a beginning

ccccc wrote on Mar 20th 2001, 03:16:41 about


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More! More! More! ... i feel this yearning continuosly. yuck to hunger and nicotine I argue, yet »MORE« follows me. more money more laundry more work more weed more infuatuation and unrequited love.. more fantasy more hope more hunger and cigarettes
(PS. luckily i believe it works in reverse too; the reward for patience is always patience)

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