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rimmer wrote on Apr 23rd 2001, 20:45:43 about


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I went to the philosopher's yesterday, but he'd completely run out of paradigms.

Nienor wrote on Dec 19th 2000, 13:54:05 about


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A philosopher is a person who loves wisdom. That is the translation from the Greek language. Philosopher search for wisdom, but that does not meen that they are really wise.

The most popular philosopher I know is Socrates, who said that he knows that he does not know.

cccccccc wrote on May 13th 2001, 05:18:05 about


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i know a man that throws around words like pragmatic or empirical to label just about anything.. i hate him

its bothered me so much that i would break open my philosophy books and study his terminology long after our converstaions had finished..just to proove him wrong in my own mind

now i avoid him

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