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the old pirate about present
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Domandologo about present
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on Jan 17th 2006, 08:55:14 wrote
Domandologo about present

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the old pirate wrote on Mar 6th 2001, 06:07:47 about


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Don't worry if the present doesn't seem to make much sense. It never does. That's why it exists for only a moment at a time. Learn from the good things that were, and give the good things things-to-be enough room to happen, and you'll be just fine.

ChromeJesus wrote on Jul 5th 2001, 14:31:38 about


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You cannot measure the present in any units. Whether it be time or map coordinates, it cannot be done. Thus, present is the flash of a moment that cannot be measured in any way.

It is also something that you get every christmas. If you're lucky.

rimmer wrote on Apr 23rd 2001, 03:53:22 about


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T.S. Eliot said: »Time present and time past are also perhaps present in time future

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