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Groggy groove about princess
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Airs about princess
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nOvJuL about princess

on Sep 3rd 2007, 19:49:18 wrote
Airs about princess

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taj about princess

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watchfob wrote on Mar 10th 2001, 09:30:00 about


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Didn't Father-Knows-Best call one of his daughters 'Princess'?

And the younger one, 'Kitten'?

Back when television was black-and-white and we almost convinced ourselves that life could really be like that?

Bink wrote on May 9th 2000, 20:31:48 about


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I know a princess, she reigns high in her eminent future. Screaming truths and sorrows from a tall barred window. But the tower reaches higher from the ground than it does down from the sky so only bit's and pieces can be heard. And by the time it reaches another soul, the only thought which is communicated is that there is beauty somewhere.
But that's the way she wants it, she even suggested the double-glass bay-window on the back. And we all wonder why she doesn't just slide down the pole and give us a hug.

Josef wrote on May 5th 2000, 01:28:11 about


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»Maddie, my daughter. She's 5, and she's convinced that when she's grown up she's going to be a princess. She originally planned to be a queen, but then she learned she had to marry a king

-Neil Gaiman, as quoted in WIRED Magazine

e$ wrote on May 8th 2000, 21:06:07 about


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prince is for men although the name has now changed to an unpronounceable symbol

Groggy groove wrote on Apr 17th 2000, 11:20:01 about


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»Your Paris gown is beautiful
»Yes, Percy, velvet panels are coming back again. Madame La Farge told me today that Queen Marie herself designed it
»Every princess in the Balkans is wearing one like this.« (Poses grandly.)

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