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yrname wrote on May 3rd 2001, 10:44:38 about


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you say you want a revolution
well, you know, we all want to change the world
you say you got a real solution
well, you know, we all want to change the world
but if you're talking about destruction
don't you know you can count me out (in)...
...don't you know it will be
All right, alright alright..."
John Lennon »Revolution 1«

whatevernext96 wrote on Feb 12th 2002, 17:53:51 about


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I had occasion to wonder yesterday whether revolution wasn't on the way, when I heard the Berlioz operatic version of the Marseillaise being played in its entirety. Mind you, they could do with some radical change across the Channel. I gather that corrupt old scoundrel, Jacques Chirac, is running for President again.

Levelyn wrote on Jun 18th 2001, 01:38:48 about


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I think it's a call to do it straight away. Sometimes you have to be to the point.

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