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ike wrote on May 25th 2000, 07:51:07 about


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I like rocks, in general, maybe because they're old and they just sit there, being all rock-ish and stony. In particular though, I think that all igneous and metamorphic rocks are cool, and that all sedimentary rocks are so-so at best. In order to be cool, sedimentary rocks have to be formed into something by erosion, like a limestone cave or the grand canyon or those big pillars in monument valley. Igneous and metamorphic rocks, on the other hand, do a fine job of standing on their own without having to be part of a landmark. Someday, I hope I can own some obelisks, and when I do, they will all be igneous or metamorphic.

The Green Man wrote on Jun 2nd 2000, 04:15:50 about


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Buddy, you are a boulder among rocks! :)

Josef wrote on Apr 21st 2000, 08:25:45 about


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Rock vs. air... they'll all sink into the sea eventually.
What was the name of those things on Star Trek that burrowed in rock? They looked kind of brainlike.

rimmer wrote on Apr 24th 2001, 23:59:58 about


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Between a rock and a hard place, between Scylla and Charybdis – these are not nice situations to be in.

Lord Caramac the Clueless wrote on Mar 16th 2006, 11:15:48 about


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Let's build a new city on solid rock somewhere, like Led Zeppelin or something like that.

dooraK! wrote on Jun 14th 2002, 22:15:01 about


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punk rock is stone covered with mushrooms.

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