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just me about rosacia
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MARGUERITE about rosacia

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Ian about rosacia

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Jeri wrote on Feb 4th 2005, 07:59:59 about


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I constantly have an itchiness and red around my nose, eyes, cheeks and chin. I always thought it was bad acne. I recently had the worst outbreak I have ever come across. My face was bright red all over, it itched like crazy, and unfortunatley no moisturizers or vitamin E did anything for me. I blamed it on constant stress and 50 hours a week of working in hot, greasy kitchens. My friend told me it was rosacia and to look up symptoms on the computer. To me it looks like noone knows what the hell is making me so ugly.

mary wrote on Jan 14th 2004, 00:21:20 about


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my face on one side has been red and had little pimples for about 3-4 months. at first it did't bother me because it was very unnoticeable, then lately it seems to be more pronounced and people are starting to ask what's wrong with my face.

sheila montgomery wrote on Jun 15th 2004, 13:44:36 about


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I would like to learn more about this disease. I have just found out that I have it. I have broken capillaries on my face. I have always thought that it was just redness in certain areas on the skin. What can be done about the broken capillaries? They are ugly.

Barbara wrote on Jul 12th 2003, 04:09:04 about


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I hate it. It is very painfull. I would love to keep my face covered!!!

Jenny wrote on Sep 9th 2003, 19:46:33 about


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I am using Rosa from Zen Med and its working a bit – I have found Mankind pills that cost £150.00 for a months supply – has anyone tried them and are they any good?

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