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swirl about thirst
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pippi longstockings about thirst
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on Jul 24th 2001, 01:21:22 wrote
winodude about thirst

on Jul 24th 2001, 02:04:42 wrote
winodude about thirst

on Nov 30th 2001, 03:23:59 wrote
Dolly about thirst

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swirl wrote on Mar 10th 2001, 03:30:33 about


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mouth dry
tongue swell
cracked lips
parched like hell

long for water
dream of wine
break your flask
and reach for mine

typoMatic wrote on Apr 5th 2001, 22:47:41 about


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My single thirst
would that my words might
feed a million liquid thoughts

Hubert High wrote on Jan 14th 2002, 15:42:42 about


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The thirst was driving him crazy. The madness filled his brain. He couldnt think. And the sun was burning like never before. Would he succeed or had he reached the end? His heartbeat went louder and louder.

mulatto wrote on May 4th 2001, 01:39:14 about


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'All day I face
the burning waste
without the taste
of water,
cool water.

Keep a'movin', Dan,
he's a devil, not a man
and he spreads the burning sand
with water,
cool water.

Oh Dan, can't ya see
that big green tree
where the water's running free
and it's waiting there for you and me!

cool water.'

»Cool Waterby Bob Nolan (1948)

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