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Groggy groove about tongue
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nobody about tongue

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hardy about tongue

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ugly duckling about tongue

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Texts to »Tongue«

Groggy groove wrote on Apr 16th 2000, 18:10:45 about


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The first thing my mother did when she saw me was to cut my tongue.
»Why did you do that to me, Mother
»I told you
»Tell me again
»I cut it so that you would not be tongue-tied. Your tongue would be able to move in any language. You´ll be able to speak languages that are completely different from one another. You´ll be able to pronounce anything. Your frenum looked too tight to do those things, so I cut it
»But isn´t ´a ready tongue an evil


»Why didn´t you cut my brothers´ and sisters´ tongues
»They didn´t need it
»Why not? Were theirs longer than mine?«
»Why don´t you quit blabbering and get to work

Caitlin wrote on May 4th 2000, 02:24:05 about


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Tongue – a language or a muscle? How strong is the tongue in either context? If the capabilities of a language influence our culture, do the capabilities of the tongue muscle also influence it?

ike wrote on May 20th 2000, 00:54:27 about


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ever think about how your tongue is really a lot like a big, muscular, slug that writhes around in your mouth?

The first time I thought about that, it grossed me out too. (the first time I thought about it was when Linus mentioned the very same thing to Lucy in an old Peanuts comic strip)

Jackson wrote on Apr 18th 2000, 05:54:03 about


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Sex was a mystery to me, until I learned to kiss using my tongue.

Catherine Weaver wrote on Apr 17th 2000, 21:43:04 about


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I stick my tongue straight down into my drink; it makes it sweet and hot all at once.

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