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the old pirate about xenophobia
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Ronja about xenophobia
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karl keule about xenophobia

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uglyduckling about xenophobia

on May 7th 2009, 23:24:16 wrote
Ronja about xenophobia

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the old pirate wrote on Mar 10th 2001, 04:54:52 about


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The fear of foreign things, places or people.

»Why our distinctions of place? Why must the blackness of nightmares collect in our mouths
-- Pablo Neruda, 1935

the old pirate wrote on Mar 24th 2001, 14:23:19 about


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They own timeshare on a French island in the Caribbean, and they are xenophobic.

The woman can't understand why the natives always speak French, and she is particularly troubled by their use of the word 'toilette' rather than 'restroom.'

I have a hunch that when they get off the plane, they look around and think 'Look at all those foreigners!'

the old pirate wrote on Mar 14th 2001, 14:00:07 about


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Xenophobia always seems more repulsive than, say, racism. With racism, one can at least see what one doesn't like.

But disliking where someone is from – my gosh, how stupid. Not one of us chose where he or she was born.

If anything, dislike my mother. I was with her, where she was, when I was born.

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