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Noli knew he wanted to do him im every way imaginable. Most of the shows he was thinking of were currently possible, while some felt rather exhausting. He thought about various shows in which he had to be held aloft, but he knew it wouldn't be quite possible for him to do it AND enjoy it. Especially with his huge belly.

So he had to do something about that, but what? Making the director lighter was doable, but didn't feel right. He wanted his belly to be as heavy as it looked. The only way to make this possible was for him to adjust himself.

Looking down at his mighty belly, it felt unnatural to have such a gigantic belly on an average body. After planning it through, he started recording.

»I, Noli, am massively fat and so weak that I can barely lift my red clowns nose. So barely, in fact, that I feel like lift a big stone

Almost instantly, Noli began changing. The director followed his growth while further playing with his clowns toys.

Nolis fat grew far beyond what heself had hoped for. His belly stopped melon-sized, unflexed. Each of his legs were wider and thicker than his torso previously was. His back fat got bigger and weaker in order to support the new mass, just like his shoulders and neck did. His bottles changed to an 8-pack, heavier than stones. His pecs were so big and fat that his voice became a lot more wispering and lower. And of course those fat mountains were just for the show.

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