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on Jun 20th 2024, 12:58:56, Gerhard Lehner wrote the following about


A favourite actress of me has been Beverly Dennis,
who played the former teacher Rose Myers,a shy
young woman who has a child,but no man.
50 Women and a Scout travelled through the prairies
and deserts to California, to get man they had
no women. Her child is born,but a Young man she
loved -and he her -dies in her arms.

In California she finds an other man,and he says
tho her that he shall take care on the child -
and so the lovely Rose finds her Love.

Later Beverly Dennis become a Psychotherapist.

And former I love Saoirse Ronan,the most beautiful
and talented Irish Actress, Best Known as the
Heroine in the film »Lovely Bones«:

A lot of Women and Girls has been murdererd by
a cruel sadistic Man. He kills the nice Suzi Salmon, and now she looks from her Heaven down
to her brother and her parents.

The murder dies,and so she can find in Heaven
her Peace.

Saoirse,who speaks Gaelic, English, French,Cornish
and Scotish, is a really phantastic actress -
with the gift to BE the person she plays.

I love her!

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