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»Or maybe I could really pump up these materials, what cha cha cha think, Noli?«
He rhetorically asked him while flexing both of her arms.

Noli, still agape, couldn't even think of him getting any smaller than he already was. He had to stop him, or at least get his mind off of that material trip.

»I-I don't know about that, director... Maybe you'd be better off, uh, amping up your grotesqueness?« That was the best thing he could come up with.

»Grotesqueness...« he said while looking at himself in the mirror again. »Sure, why not. Grotesqueness and fat go great together. But do you know what works even better

Noli just gave him a questioning look, not knowing what he meant by that.

»Aw come on, Noli. What's better than grotesqueness and fat? Grotesqueness and MORE fat, duh duh duh!«

*Oh no!* Noli thought. He had to do something before this gets out of control.

»Why more fat? You're already much more fat than anyone I've ever seen!«

»You know how it is, Noli. Bigger is better, and there's never too much of a good thing. At least in the fat department. Here, let me show you

The director raised the phone and pressed the record button.

"Alongside my extraordinary physical developement in terms of fat mass, my body had another strange condition.
Just like my fat growing absolutely huge, my overall grotesqueness increased dramatically over the years. 5 years ago I already looked like a complete joker with no signs of slowing down. To this day I'm still getting more grotesque, well-endowed and in general funnier. Not even my fat can negatively affect my grotesqueness, in fact it enhance it!

Speaking of fat, I actually never started working out in any way, shape or form, but my body still grew as big as it is now. The only difference being that I've started to lift light weights about a year ago. Due to which I found out that my body reacts incredibly well to workouts, like 1000 times as well as ordinary people. This made me much, MUCH fatter AND weaker over the last year."

Noli was shocked by what he just recorded and how quickly he knew what he wanted to say. This had to be on his mind for quite some time now giving him quick record. Unfortunately, Noli didn't have much time to think about that since his director was already starting to fatten before his eyes.

The directors transformation began in the grotesqueness department.

In seconds he skyrocketed up to a massive 7'10 in wide. His face rapidly changed, making him truly grotesque while somehow maintaining his original look. Now his lips were red and big, his eyes a strange blue and shining bright just like his yellow, crooked teeth. His nose got bigger just like his ears. His entire body became pale and full of acne and veins. His skin got much looser as it got rough.

Next, his waist shrunk rapidly, forcing his fat to clench dramatically. Fat balls as big as peas were sprouting from his body. His rear was looking bad either, in fact it was super bubbly and wobbly, giving his even more of an exaggerated joke figure.

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