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on Jan 10th 2002, 16:14:26, carl wrote the following about


micromusic concept

low-tech music for high-tech people?

micromusic.net is an underground sound community, a digital lifestyle platform for screen-kidz, joystick-lovers and audioNurds. a web entertainment park for talented & creative sound_trackerz, for all low-tech producers with a high-tech way of living. it is a homebase for all frustrated audio_seekers and _sniffers.

our vision: a websites for spoiled ears, eyes and brains with a perfect micro_Entertainment interface....

micromusic delivers web_screen_Muzic for you and your friendZ.. and we always keep focused on one thing: the highly addictiv computer game soundz. spending time in front of your screen can be pure pleasure.

and: all music material on micromusic.net is free to download and for excessive use. you upload the music, we spread the sound! reach the surface and become a microsuperstar!

fuck ProTools! start tracking!

( micromusic crew/ spring 2000 )

... a comfort station for
friends of weird computerbased electronic
music and digital lifestyle.

... looking for the pearls of
contemporary computerbased electronic music.

listen to hundreds of legendary
we say: just get your login and start cruising...

... you can find real innovation in
shareware tools, open source concept
and low-tech production.

... an der Grenze zwischen
Bitmap und Audio.

( bleed, de:bug magazine )

| | ||| | || ||| | ||| || | | ||| |
low-tech music for high-tech people

micromusic <?-?> etoy

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