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on Dec 11th 2001, 22:32:54, hans_extrem wrote the following about


zai/bernhard! 1993,, style_SAMPLE amiga4000/dpaint;; visualz for raves/clubZ


--- --- ---
--- --- ---e02 gino esposto etoy.ESPOSTO was... a large sized softie guy, a good listener with brown medium length hair, dark blue rukka jacket, jeans or »manchester« style pants, baseball cap and a smile in da face; >>> supersex_image
--- --- ---
--- --- ---e06 daniel udatny etoy.UDATNY was... a super large sized »bear«, slobby pants, long/medium brown chaos-hair, brown-blue-black colored fashion/non-fashion.. long brown coats, huge slobby shoes and a nice smile in da face or a »oarrrghhh« pissed_style groove in da brain; due to legal reasons, no pictures of the »brain« can be disclosed;

--- --- ---
--- --- ---e01 luzius bernhard etoy.BRAINHARD was... a medium sized killer brain_HARD, a full skin-head since 1987, pre-etoy look was a mix between techno-madness [pink furjacket, brown nylon suit] and skiing acessoires and fashion + russian watches and huge sunglasses [we used to call them ant-sunglasses]; >>> brainhard_imagessss >>> zai/bernhard imagesssss
--- --- ---
--- --- ---e03 marky goldstein etoy.GOLDSTEIN was... a small sized plastic pop-boy, running, jumping and shooting for the pop-world; from plexi-attache case and cheap nylon-suits to ultra-style london fashion of the early 90s, he was the fashion-transformer and lifestyle junkie. always looking for the next trend in fashion, music and technology, and thats the way he looked;; >>> supersex_image

--- --- ---
--- --- ---e04 fabio gramazio etoy.GRAMAZIO was... a small sized italian mafia-boy.. he used to always have hair, italian style black thick hair. from the fashion side, he was in a straight and tough mafia-look with dark sunglasses, long coats and nice suits or legere sportswear. he was standing around many many nights in the coolest gabba-clubs of western europe;;

--- --- ---
--- --- ---e05 martin kubli etoy.KUBLI was... a large sized plastic gunmen, mobile phone/radio maniac, yellow-plastic finger-rings, black-leather coats, army-boots and short dark hair. alternatively he would be in motorbike-style or motocross style; pseudo business-style or rough country-side guy; he was the coolest one!;

--- --- ---
--- --- ---e07 michel zai etoy.ZAI was... a small sized mad man, space look, big eyes, thick black short/medium length hair, ususally with a large hair-mad in front, training/joggin clothes from the 70s, plastic belts, shoe-fetish [green pink boots, plastic shoes, etc..] + the superacessoires such as kids sunglasses in plastic rainbow-colas.. ; >>> zai_imagessss >>> zai/bernhard imagesssss

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