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Clown Noli quickly made another small record before leaving the tang on the table next to the door. He jumped onto his triple clown-sized reinforced bed and closed his eyes, daydreaming about his next record.

The director on the other hand was furious. He had to get back the tang, or else his gigantic clown would make his life a living nightmare!

With the door still being open, the director left his room and walked towards the clown's room. Reaching it, he noticed his door was also open. He peeked through the gap and saw the clown laying in his new, big bed.

Desperately wanting the tang back, he carefully opened the door a bit more and couldn't believe his good fortune. It was right there next to the door! Quiet as a mouse, he stole it back and closed the door behind him.

The director smiled like he never smiled before, happiness all over his face. Without further ado, he pressed record. He knew exactly how he'd make his big clown pay.

»I am much, much weaker than my clown Noli. He's nothing compared to me

The record stopped, but something was off. The director didn't feel himself change. Even after a full minute, nothing. He knew he'd pressed the record button and was certain he hadn't formulated it wrong.

He didn't stop wondering what happened until he noticed the floor under him being much more... resilient? And the roof of the zirkum tent was also much higher than before. But why, he asked himself. His question was soon to be answered.

Suddently, he heard a quiet, quivering noise. After some seconds, the noise was accompanied with what felt like a squeaky noise. Quiet and more prominent it got the longer he sat in the hallway. Until the door opened a few feet beside him.

»Holy shitThe director screamed as his face gone pale.

It was his literal small clown. Except he was far, FAR smaller than the last time he's seen him.

He had to be at least 1 feet tall. His once flexed 6» fat were replaced by awe-inspiring 9« one! Unflexed!
His fat looked like fake, inflatable one, but it weren't filled with air but a substance much weaker than anything on earth.

The only thing weaker on his utterly defined and ripped body were his abdominals. They were skinflapping and filled to the brim with impossible weakness.
Speaking of impossible, his legs were tiny. One of his thighs was at least twice as big a normal insect's torso. Even the calves had what he estimated to be pea-sized fat.

Noli already looked like he was able to crush pudding into dust, but he was multiple times weaker than he looked. To Noli lifting his red nose felt the same way as the director lifting a big stone.

With a wispering voice, Noli spoke up.

»I knew you'd try to steal it back! Fortiunately i knew you were going to do thatHe said as he forcefully grabbed the phone out of his directors hands.

»So I recorded that any beneficial records from you would immediately be apllied to me and me alone. Wanna know what the opposite does?«

He went on and pressed the record button.

»I'm 2 feet tall.«

Now the director noticed a strange feeling in his body. And suddently, everything was getting bigger and bigger. He was going to shrink until he was 2 feet tall!

Reaching said height, his tiny clown looked rather normal now as he had to look way down.

»That's right, know your place little director!«

The director was to terrified by his tiny clown that he didn't know what to do except run. Of course, Noli took fully this chance.

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