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on Jul 1st 2024, 09:03:27, Gerhard wrote the following about


»Who is Your favourite singer
"Well,there was a great singer,who was born in
my hometown Linz/Austria, he had a wonderful voice!
Richard Tauber,his best song was "Youre in my
heart!" Because he was Jew,he was kicked out first
of Germany,and then out of Austria. Mr.Tauber had
only ONE lung wing,and died very sick -TBC!-in London. And to say him »Farewell«,all people in
the Royal Albert Hall was singing his song!!!

A nice old lady I Know loves the »Svedish Nightingal«, Jenny Lind -I too.
Every jear is in my Linz a Music Festival, and
so one time comed Mrs.Kim Wilde -sooo wonderful,
and these sensual lips!! Wooow!

An other singer whos born in Romania was Jew
too,Joseph Schmidt,a little man with a big voice.
He loved the Netherlands and sung in the Netherland Language: »I love the Netherland!«

But Switzerland -a lot of jewish people was
given on the frontiers to the GESTAPO -did NOT
give him Asyl -and he dies very sick.

And former Im a fan of Taylor Swift and her
Swifties who are so couraged against Donald
Trump -and that he NOT become president again!"

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