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Robert Flight wrote on Apr 22nd 2001, 17:46:08 about


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Contrails--- those beautiful streaks in the sky that tell you man (and woman) has accomplished one of the biggest dreams of all time-- to be able to fly like the birds. Now, when we can fly without the aid of engines or large wings, then we will truly be free of life on the ground. As the »Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy« says- »flying is very difficult, if must be accomplished in such a way that one does not realize what has happened, for if you realize that you are flying you will promptly fall to the ground

the old pirate wrote on Mar 19th 2001, 17:54:41 about


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Contrails. Fun to watch. Okay, maybe not as impressive as a rainbow or a shooting star, but nifty nevertheless

capi wrote on Mar 2nd 2001, 16:28:17 about


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contrails are alien space whips conjured up by the music of phish

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