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whatevernext96 wrote on Dec 19th 2001, 17:19:26 about


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Germany came to the English Midlands this Christmas – in the attractive and traditional form of the Frankfurt Christmas Fair in the centre of Birmingham. Now, why on earth weren't Goering and the Luftwaffe thinking along similar lines sixty years ago...Think of all the decades of friendship and mutual admiration that we missed as a result of mistaking the efficacy of Xmas decorations and lovely warm gluehwein for that of cold bombs and rockets.

the old pirate wrote on Mar 7th 2001, 21:36:34 about


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Thirty years ago, one was not considered truly educated, especially in the sciences, if one did not speak German. Today German is still a fine language, but – like Danish, Dutch and Greek – spoken only at home among friends, being replaced by ubiquitous English.

[Mhs]570RM wrote on May 20th 2001, 15:53:41 about


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I am from germany, yet i've been told to not love germany. Loving one's homecountry is something germans can't afford, for we still are reminded of our past every day. I am a memeber of the third generation of young germans that still have to carry the burden of guilt. It sucks to listen to the same old Nazi jokes in every chatroom i enter. The same old jokes, made by americansthinking that Paris is the capital of Spain or that we don't know what a television is and stuff. We listen to the same old shit every day.Most of my friends are what you would call »foreigners«. We here in Germany hate foreigners, don't we ? So I suppose I will have to kill my friends ? ..... Someday this crap will be over ! Someday europe will be what europe was meant to be, a country without borders, with open minded people and the remains of our past will be nothing but a threatening reminder of what fascism can do ! Yeah, thats basically what I wanted to say... Sorry for my english.

whatevernext 96 wrote on Sep 9th 2001, 18:24:35 about


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If Germany did not exist, one would have to invent it....How on earth could we do without Beethoven, Goethe, Weltanschauung, Blitzkrieg, Ersatz, '66, Munich 1-5....?? No, only joking, dear friends in Germany!!

shriek wrote on Feb 24th 2002, 19:25:22 about


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I dislike Germany, being a German. it's part of the national identity. Honestly, there's nothing much to like about us, is there?

davichi wrote on Jul 16th 2001, 21:19:22 about


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I was a young lad, American, in 1940. I grew up with the propaganda. I grew up believing what I heard. I grew up frightened of anything Japanese or German. Then I spent six months in Japan. My fears went away. I did not find Japanese. I found people. They are not much different than my neighbors at heart. I have met many Germans here in my country. But that is not the same. I must visit Germany. I expect to find what I believe is true. I will find no Germans, just people like myself, carving out a life in a particular corner of the Universe. There is no such thing as a sinister people. Only temporarily misled people. I spent a large part of my life being misled. I am changing that now. Long live the human spirit!

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