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Matt wrote on Apr 1st 2001, 13:47:54 about


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A minced-beef pattie sandwiched between two bread buns

the old pirate wrote on Mar 27th 2001, 02:52:34 about


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A sack of White Castles, and – (I'm sorry, I can't finish this text. I feel ill.)

Coopsnazzy wrote on Sep 13th 2005, 19:38:16 about


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I think that hamburgers are extremely yummy. There is something about the comibnation of burnt protien and flowing beef fat that makes the buds of your tongue just shout with joy. Anytime you lovingly enfold a piece of ground and heated to perfection bovine muscle tissue in bread and then pop it in your mouth, well now you know what heaven must be like.

Xanadu wrote on Apr 2nd 2002, 01:17:41 about


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Hamburger are the classic sandwiches containing beef meat, which nowadays in the times of BSE is more dangerous than ever to eat.

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