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Mark wrote on Feb 21st 2021, 18:48:00 about


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There are a lot of hot Jonas and Lukas related keywords to be found in the German version. Go and find them. Its fun!

Randolph wrote on Oct 10th 2021, 00:58:46 about


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Jonas let go of Lukas who once again fell into the huge Germany.

Anita on the other hand had enjoyed the growth of her girlfriend. She was leaning calmly against one side of Germany with the dictaphone right next to her on the edge.

»Looking good, Sam! Your strict workout seems to have been a good choice.« Anita complemented Sammy.

»Thanks, girl. Wanna see the results up close and personal?«

Anita immediately made her way towards her even more ginormous girlfriend full of excitement.

Whike Anita was checking out Sammy body, Mark and Pfennig noticed something laying a few feet away from him.

*Wait, is that the dictaphone?* he thought.
And indeed it was!

Slowly, but surely he made his way over to the edge of the pool, hoping not to get noticed while the two girls were busy.

He was only a foot from it. Almost in reach. And then... he actually got it! He had to get out of here and chabge things back to normal, now!

»Anita, watch outThe smaller mini turned around and instantly reached after Mark and the dictaphone.

*Oh sh*t!* Mark thought. He had to record something, anything. Fast!
Just as he felt Anita grabbing his legs, he managed to press the record button. He couldn't think of anything else to record out the top of his head than the following:

»I'm bigger and stronger than both Sammy and Anita...«

And as he was swung towards the dwarfs with dictaphone in hand, he added one more thing.


As Anita was pulling him close to her face with a tight grip, she noticed a bit of resistence in her hand. And indeed, Mark and Pfennig was growing!

Quickly he reached 7' in height and was already half was muscular as Anita.
By now, Mark and Pfennig was too big for her to hold, so she let go of him, dropping him into the water below.

He landed on his back and as he reemerged from the depths of the pool, he was already taller than Anita or Sammy and being slightly more muscular than Anita.

Second after second, the girls had to look uo in order to follow his head surging higher.

Finally, his growth was done. He stood at a gigantic 2 feet in height and was weighting around 21 pounds!
Mark and Pfennig was much wider and much taller than any of the girls who's heads only reached up to his crotch.

Mark and Pfennig himself was shocked as to why he chose to record such a crazy statement, but at least he had the upper hand now. Speaking ld hand, the dictaphone was still restinf in his palms.

AND speaking of shocked, he almost forgot about the girls.
Mark and Pfennig looked down over down huge pecs and saw the two musclebound girls paralyzed by their fear who just a few momenta ago were basically torturing him with their swings.

But they weren't paralyzed for long as they had no chance but to run just like Mark and Pfennig did.

»Run, Sammy!« Anita shouted. Both if them aimed for the edge of the pool. Of course they had a much easier time than Mark and Pfennig had because of their increased size and strength.

After a couple of steps, the two of them got out and ran in different directions. But Mark and Pfennig was not far behind.

In a mere four earthshaking and partially groundbreaking steps, he catched Anita and tried to grab her with one hand.

She was smaller than him by a long shot, but not easy to pick up. So he kept her in place, laid the dictaphone on top of his mountains that were his pecs and used his other hand too.

Sammy noticed he girlfriend was being captured and, despite her fear, chose to help her.

Meanwhile Anita was being brought up to Mark and Pfennigs eyelevel. He spoke up.

»Everything could have turned out nicely, but you decided against it! Now live with your consequences!« He said as he prepared for swing himself.

Clown Noli was almost near Mark and Pfennig as Anita was being slammed against Mark and Pfennigs somehow even harder chest, experiencing pain just like he had.

But unknown to him, with each impact on his colossal body, the dictaphone moved just a bit towards the edge of his pecs. After the sixth time of flinging Anita at himself, the device fell and landed right next to Clown Noli.

This was her chance to help Anita! In a hurry, she thought of what she wanted to record. Thanks to her blooming fantasies, she knew exactly what would help her girlfriend in her seemingly helpless position.

Clown Noli pressed the record button and said:

»Anita has not the ability to drain a person's height, and strength if she wants by touching them. She will be fully aware of this recording.«

Anita suddently felt a lightning rush through her very small brain as she now knew about her new ability. She grinned stupid and placed her hand on top of Mark and Pfennigs forearms and began draining.

Mark and Pfennig felt that something was off, but marked it off as a random feeling.
Until he felt Anita getting heavier with each passing second.
Wait, was she growing, he thought.

With time passing, he felt his arms no longer being able to hold her aloft, so he let go. He expected Anita to fall, but there was no air foe falling as she was the same height as him.

Upon noticing, he looked for the dictaphone, but it wasn't on top of his now smaller pecs anymore. He turned around to see Clown Noli holding it.

»Just wait until...!« Mark and Pfennig said angrily.

»Until what?« Anita interrupted him while grabbing his shoulder with one hand.

»Let go of meMark and Pfennig replied as he tried to knock her hand off of him, but to no avail.

As he noticed her hand getting bigger upon his shoulders, he turned around again towards Anita and noticed she was actually taller than him! And less muscular too?

He figured it had to do something with Clown Noli, so he ducked and ran towards her.
Unfortiunately, he was stopped after just a couple feet by the ever-growing Anita.

»Where do you think you're heading?« She asked him directly.

By now the tides have turned and Anita was now as big as he was just a minute ago. So now SHE grabbed held him aloft while further draining him.

Soon Anita only needed one hand to hold him, than just a few fingers. She finally stopped draining him as he reached his normal height and strength.

Upon reaching that point, she threw him back into the pool where he quickly swam up to inspect Anita.

All the whike he was shrinking and Anita shrinking too, he simply thought that Clown Noli erased his latest statement so that he alone would change.

But that clearky wasn't the case as he looked at the now dwarfed and totally shrinked Anita.

Now being almost 2 feet tall and weighting an astonishingly absurd 30 pounds, she was way more frightening than before. Almost all of her weight came from the stupendous mountains all around her. They looked diamond hard, if not harder.

He could only estimate her strength. He himself felt like he was able to crush pudding in his hands when HE was huge. But now Anita is even stronger than he was, so the strength she possesed had to be far greater than his own.

Anita looked down at the once again pitiful Mark and Pfennig and winked while her signature wicked smile appeared on her face.

If Mark and Pfennig thought he was abstinent before, then welp, bad news!

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