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Justice_OConnor wrote on Apr 17th 2000, 18:54:30 about


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Law is inherently based on faith. One must have faith that the legislature has the power to make the law, the people and police will follow the law, the courts will honestly interpret the law. If this breaks down, you must have faith that society has enough at stake to continue to work for justice.

The Heretic wrote on Jul 28th 2000, 08:42:56 about


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Law is not the ink or the paper it is written on, but the human concept of what is right. There is now way to escape law. It is omnipresent simply because it exists not as a tangible element but as an intangible concept.

dan b pearl wrote on May 8th 2000, 13:07:34 about


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»[T]he business of fortune-telling is inherently fraudulent... its regulation or prohibition is required to protect the gullible, superstitious or unwary.«
California Supreme Court ruling, 1976

»[S]ome persons believe they have the power to predict what has not yet come to pass; when such persons impart their belief to others, they are not acting fraudulently; they are expressing opinions which, however dubious, are unquestionably protected by the Constitution.«
California Supreme Court ruling, 1984

Ralph wrote on Nov 29th 2002, 02:49:45 about


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The Law is just an Anagram of Wealth, Anne Clark says. But is this right or is this wrong? To the marxists, this should be true in a capitalist society. But I do not share the marxists´s point of view.

Joe wrote on Apr 21st 2000, 18:35:53 about


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it's got to go down because it can't go up.
You can make it go up by force but it still comes down, and with the same force that made it go up. up. down. you might talk a good killing and there's the power in that. Control the scare babies and give me burgers on the backyard grill.

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