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Greg wrote on Aug 14th 2003, 09:04:15 about


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I think it would be hysterical if their were a monkey rodeo, wherein monkeys, dressed in cowboy garb (hats, chaps, etc) would ride around on goats and rope other goats, or pigs or something.

Gronkor wrote on Aug 22nd 2002, 15:16:59 about


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Don't you monkey with the monkey

Dortessa wrote on Oct 12th 2002, 18:45:03 about


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A key to the Mon.
Because, what is Mon ?
A little moon ???
Or, what ?

The Inspector General wrote on May 6th 2004, 09:46:55 about


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Have you seen Dennis Miller's new show? With the monkey? Is it just me or does it seem they are always getting ready for some kind of a simian circle-jerk of the stars.

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