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KD about Vidalia
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KD wrote on Apr 14th 2000, 23:13:15 about


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»Look,« squeaked Vidalia from Frank's
inside pocket, »a hot dog stand

And indeed a weiner man had appeared from the dust of the Lost Highway, complete with steam tray and condiments galore, including, it appeared to Frank Leigh Dearie's discerning eye, a large pot of cranberry relish.

alistair duncan wrote on Feb 12th 2001, 04:07:30 about


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The telephone sat silent on my desk. A day's worth of enquiries had come to nothing; every available avenue had been pursued, all fruitlessly. I would, it seemed, never discover the truth which lay behind Vidalia.

Then, in a moment which collapsed my past into my present, and, wrappping each around each, opened up a path to the future, she walked into the room.

Groschen wrote on Aug 10th 2001, 04:07:10 about


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Solveig Vidalia was one onion of a gal.

Intemperate wrote on Apr 19th 2000, 05:56:54 about


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Vidalia, Missouri was where they used to live.

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