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Jeff wrote on May 8th 2000, 07:29:41 about


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I used to know a guy named Brain. They made a mistake at the hospital just after he was born and typed »Brain« instead of »Brian.« You'd think something like that would really mess someone up, but Brain loved his name – wore it like a feather in his hat.

jane wrote on Dec 16th 2000, 06:39:21 about


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my brain is the best toy i ever had and i don't need permission or instructions to play with it!

Lying lynx wrote on May 24th 2000, 21:18:52 about


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The rain quits and starts again.
So does my brain.

delta wrote on Jan 20th 2001, 00:39:21 about


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It's a human processor faster than an Athlon Thunderburd 1.2 Ghz!

SEWilco wrote on Apr 19th 2000, 18:02:54 about


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Brains on this planet are groupings of tangled neurons, intermixed with nutrition structures to keep the brain awake and running for a reasonable period of time. If you are lucky your brain has connections which allow it to work reasonably well.

Then you sleep and get to try again tomorrow.

ike wrote on Jun 7th 2000, 07:09:34 about


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to 'bake your noodle' think about something which perplexes your brain. have fun!

Seamus MacNemi wrote on Jun 13th 2002, 23:42:25 about


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The brain is the hard ware
The Philosophy, the soft ware guiding its functioning
The thought, the end product of the interactions between the two.

rimmer wrote on May 6th 2001, 03:38:06 about


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The brain sits there, in a tank of bubbling nutrients, apparently just... thinking.

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