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D.Avid Kosofsky wrote on Apr 18th 2000, 16:50:50 about


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Worth bearing in mind that the word `Zen' comes from the same Indo-European root as the words `semantics' and `semaphore' and `semiotics'. Worth bearing in mind lest you, as an English (or German, French, Spanish, Russian...) speaker think of Zen as somehow alien or exotic or `Eastern'.

Groggy groove wrote on Apr 18th 2000, 16:36:34 about


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The word Zen means »meditation«. (It is the Japanese word, corresponding to the Chinese Ch´an and the Hindu Dhyana.) It is the central idea of a special sect of Buddhism which flourished in China during the Sung period (between a.d. 1000 and 1300) and entered Japan in the twelfth century. Without knowing much about it, we might be certain that the Zen sect was a worthy and noble one, because it produced a quantity of highly distinguished art, specifically painting. And if we knew anything about Buddhism itself, we might say that Zen goes closer than oter sects to the heart of Buddha´s teaching: because Buddha was trying to found, not a religion with temples and rituals, but a way of life based on meditation. However, there is something eccentric about the Zen life which is hard to trace in Buddha´s teaching; there is an active energy which he did not admire, there is something like a sense of humor, which he rarely displayed. The gravity and serenity of the Indian preacher are transformed, in Zen, to the earthy liveliness of Chinese and Japanese sages. The lotus brooding calmly on the water has turned into a knotted tree covered with spring blossoms.

mulatto wrote on Apr 13th 2001, 00:26:50 about


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'The body is a bodhi tree,

the soul a shining mirror.

Polish it with study

Or dust will dull the image.'

--Siddartha Gautama (The Buddha)

Jeff wrote on Apr 23rd 2000, 03:59:58 about


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Zen coffee: Is your cup half empty, or half full? Simply drink the emptiness away, and it will be full.

Diesel-User wrote on Jun 5th 2000, 21:07:40 about


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That´s the trouble you see, we ent ever prepared to learn anything, we close our minds the minute anything unfamiliar appear. I could never listen to music. I used to like some on it but then I´d lose patience, I´d go to bed in the middle of a symphony, or my mind would wander ´cos the music didn´t mean anything to me so I´d go to bed or start talking.

»Sit back manhe´d say, »listen to it. Let it happen to you and you´ll grow as big as the music itself.«

And sometimes he talk as though you didn´t know where the moon or the stars was. Is that Zen?

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