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*47 wrote on May 26th 2001, 00:21:03 about


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She is my absence
and I,
the whisper
of her lost memory.

Hope abandoned,
we dive into
and schedules
to compel our future into being.

were easier
but more easily
turned to mist.

we taste the flesh
of a mango
and let the juice

Mazzy wrote on Aug 14th 2000, 17:01:14 about


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I miss it when it's not there. Absence makes the hair grow blonder the eyes grow bluer and the grass grow longer and greener. Allegedly.

sara the mac wrote on Aug 3rd 2000, 04:51:56 about


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we've all known parents who were strong absences in their children's lives

whatevernext96 wrote on Jan 26th 2002, 20:55:00 about


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'Absence makes the heart grow fonder'. Rubbish – it merely increases the confusion and the grief.

androo wrote on Aug 27th 2000, 06:36:52 about


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Absence makes the grass grow greener while you're on the other side. Something is much more valuable once only an impression of it remains.

Kai wrote on Apr 18th 2001, 23:19:20 about


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Absence, like senescence, can not be healed. Once it returns, it's different.

mulatto wrote on Apr 19th 2001, 05:19:31 about


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'Absence make the heart grow fonder,' says one adage.

'Out of sight, out of mind,' says another.

What to believe?

This is a quandry best expressed by a friend of mind who worried because her fortune cookie contradicted her horoscope.

the old pirate wrote on Mar 7th 2001, 02:20:51 about


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Absence makes the henry fonda. But soft, what light in rhonda fleming makes! King kong, the witch is dead.

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