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Dortessa wrote on Sep 1st 2002, 09:52:39 about


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Half red and half white, with a bottom.
This ball is a Poke-Ball.

mirror cage wrote on Mar 11th 2002, 07:22:50 about


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so i just did a play where there was a character with one testicle...and it makes me wonder what that's like...i wonder what it would like knowing that you probably couldn't have kids ever...well i have a history teacher that's had that experience...he lives across the street from me...he has a big dog...i guess that's his »kid«'s kinda sad...because i'm pretty dang sure he would've made and awesome dad...i wish things like that wouldn't happen sometimes...but sometimes it's for the reason of overcoming...but one testicle...i'm female...and that still bugs me...

anagnoresis wrote on Jun 22nd 2000, 21:19:08 about


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Cinderella went to the ball. The prince spoke to her, he whispered in her ear that she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Cinderella left the ball with a cute dyke.

cube-e wrote on Jun 15th 2001, 09:35:54 about


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out in the alley with long tall sally
gonna ball tonight
gonna have some fun tonight
everything's alright
gonna have some fun tonight

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