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Greyson about entropy
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huh? about entropy
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on Mar 14th 2006, 18:48:04 wrote
huh? about entropy

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Greyson wrote on Oct 8th 2000, 07:44:02 about


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Ring around the rosy,
A pocket full of molecules
That whir around and then fall down
In merry entropy. wrote on Aug 30th 2001, 15:35:25 about


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Entropy is the tendency for objects, when left to their own devices, to orient themselves in a random manner. As a great man once pointed out, ever notice how easy it is for the back seat of your car to get messy? Entropy at work. Entropy is the phenomenon we witness all around us in the physical universe. However it seems that eventually, entropy produces life, which is a self-organizing system which tends to become more and more complex – eg, you and me. So it could be that entropy is actually organised at some deep level. A bit like chaos theory and emergent behaviour – you start off with a random mess, but after a while, certain patterns start to appear in the randomness. No, I don't understand it either. You should read »Frontiers of Complexity« by a couple of really clever guys – it's much better. Incidentally I acquired that book by a random method – a bookstore in my town was closing down and selling every book for £1. And I mean everything – little paperbacks to murderously big coffee-table books, all £1. But I was about to get on a train so I'd have to carry everything I bought halfway across the country in a holdall and back. So I bought 5 books, and one of them was that one. We seem to have drifted away from the subject here somewhat... it must be entropy at work in my mind.

Uks wrote on Sep 9th 2004, 20:10:05 about


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the biggest mistake anyone verging into the country of abstract thinking about life can make is to not visit the city of entropy

John wrote on Nov 20th 2004, 23:23:54 about


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Entropy is the tendency for all matter and energy in the universe to evolve toward a state of inert uniformity.

Quorpencetta. wrote on Jul 1st 2002, 07:08:44 about


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Shared joy is increased,
shared pain is decreased -
Thus do we refute entropy.

cliff wrote on Jul 4th 2002, 08:29:44 about


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The drive by the European Union to 'harmonise' everything across the countries is a cover for political entropy. Harmonies actually need several different notes, the E.U. 'harmony' is actually monotony!

Seamus MacNemi wrote on Jun 13th 2002, 18:12:10 about


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E=MC square
but on thy trip
from here to there
take care
lest Entropy doth thy being ensnare

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