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Emmeline wrote on Jun 14th 2001, 08:56:41 about


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Tropical storms may not seem as dramatic as hurricanes, but they are equally as dangerous when it comes to floods.

A tropical storm sometimes stalls over an area, creating a train of storms that pick up the moisture from the Gulf and dump that water in the same spot for many hours.

This very heavy rain can cause disastrous floods. A recent example is Tropical Storm Allison, which dropped up to 36 inches of rain on the east side of Houston.

Dianthus wrote on Nov 5th 2010, 19:33:30 about


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What was the first flower found after flood?

Which flood? Any flood!

The bayou was rich with new flowers after the tropical storm of 2001. Never were the banks so colorful!

Gronkor wrote on Aug 22nd 2002, 14:52:16 about


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The Elbe flood is going to reach Hamburg in a few days. We shall get a boat and gather flotsam.

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