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Texts to »Light«

Mazzy wrote on Sep 8th 2000, 18:11:27 about


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Light or heat; heat or light? Well, if I had to choose to take my energy in only one form or the other I'd probably plump for heat.

Korrosiv wrote on Feb 18th 2001, 07:12:19 about


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the seam ripped wide open, causing a magnificent flood greater than any biblical storm. and then it burned away at everything like a plague. searing hot like a knife, the first illumination caused many divisions, not just light and dark.

Trudy K. Arle wrote on Feb 15th 2001, 16:26:42 about


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I turn on the light and walk down the stairs, heading to the dusty basement storage room. Why am I the one always sent after the files? Is it just because the Captain claims everyone who ate those mangoes developed severe allergies? Or do they want to get me out of the office so that they can rifle through my files and mis-alphabetise all the folders on my desk?

I push open the door and glance fondly at the mannequin in the corner. His flannel shirt is in need of washing.

rkcba wrote on Nov 11th 2003, 21:48:14 about


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Dark secrets are the ones that soonest come to light.

whatevernext96 wrote on Nov 14th 2003, 20:34:45 about


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'Let there be light!' said God – but then added (not reported in Genesis) 'God no, it's awful – how do I switch it off again?'

scarlet wrote on Sep 5th 2006, 10:00:04 about


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light so bright

come to night

give insight

little sprite

i wrote on Dec 26th 2000, 18:28:39 about


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Light will show us all the colours and ourselfs too. At winter it is soft to sleep untill it is dark again.

qua wrote on May 30th 2000, 03:53:26 about


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light bright in red and green: a christmas scene

ike wrote on May 18th 2000, 08:57:14 about


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tired of light?
try brand-new Darkness!
works like a charm.

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